Susan Bella Jewelry, LLC is the second generation of Lehigh Jewelers. Susan grew up in the jewelry business and had the best teacher… her mother, Carol.

Since the age of ten, Susan learned many facets of the jewelry industry to properly understand what it takes to operate a store she can be proud of. It is so important for her to be knowledgeable about all the parts of jewelry: how to design it, create it, repair it, give advice to sell it, maintain it, etc.

Susan is not in this business just to sell jewelry, but to provide a service that will make consumers happy. She firmly believes people should not buy jewelry unless they can wear it and truly enjoy it – you should love every piece of jewelry you own.

 After 23 years in the industry, Carol retired at the end of 2008. Both mother and daughter felt it was time for change, so Susan remodeled the store and altered the name. One aspect that will never change, the most valuable thing Susan learned from her mother, is the importance of customer service, quality and attention to detail.

Susan Bella Jewelry has established it’s own excellent reputation and has been voted Best Jewelry Store in the Valley 4 years in a row (2018, 2017, 2016 & 2015)!

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