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December Birthstone(s): TANZANITE & TURQUOISE!!

What is a Tanzanite? Tanzanite is the exquisite blue-purple variety of the mineral zoisite that is only found in one part of the world. Named for its limited geographic origin in Tanzania, Tanzanite has quickly risen to popularity since its relatively recent discovery. Tanzanite's Physical and Spiritual Healing Properties Physical healing properties of Tanzanite include detoxification of the blood, strengthening your immune system and increasing overall vitality. It’s soothing, calming Tanzanite powers encourage cell regeneration and healing of skin conditions, in keeping with tanzanite meaning. Tanzanite stone benefits the hair, supporting renewed growth of healthy hair. Tanzanite healing properties also calm and sooth side effects of medical treatments or surgery. Tanzanite may also assist in reviving someone who has been in a comatose state, perhaps due to its strong angelic connection and ability to bring about deeper thinking. It may also simply help with its calming, soothing vibrations, in keeping with Tanzanite meaning. How to care for your Tanzanite Hardness Zoisite (Tanzanite) is 6 to 7 on the Mohs scale. It has fair to poor toughness and a property called cleavage, which is a tendency to break when struck. While Tanzanite is not as hard or as tough as a stone like sapphire, it still can be worn in all types of jewelry with proper precautions against rough wearing or hard blows. Stability Tanzanite is stable under normal wearing conditions, which means it’s resistant to the effects of heat, light, and common chemicals. Even so, Tanzanite should not be subjected to very high temperatures or sudden temperature changes. It can be attacked by exposure to hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids. Cleaning Warm, soapy water is always safe. Ultrasonic and steam cleaners are never recommended for Tanzanite. [...]

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Cyber Monday Sale!

SBJ doesn't have an online store - yet! But we are diligently working on getting it up and running in 2020 to ensure the easiest and most convenient shopping experience for you!   However in the meantime, we want to offer a Cyber Monday Sale specifically to all of our fans on our Facebook and Instagram! Keep an eye out all day Monday for posts showcasing a different beautiful piece of jewelry marked at 60% OFF!!   You might want to turn on your post notifications because you definitely don't want to miss out!   Sale is strictly on featured items only and can be purchased by phone or in store - you just have to mention you saw the post on Facebook or Instagram!   Happy Shopping!

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HUGE Savings when you SHOP SMALL this Saturday!

✨IT'S SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY!!✨ We are SO incredibly grateful for all our amazing customers that choose every day to SHOP SMALL with us! We want to thank you all day by offering: 20% OFF Storewide!* 30% OFF Watches! 60% OFF Fine Jewelry & Watch Clearance! FREE polish cloth to the first 10 customers through the door! FREE gift to the first 20 purchasing customers! Mimosas & Selfie-Station! Open 10am - 4pm! Stop in, have a drink, make/update your Wish List and get a little holiday shopping done *away* from the mall insanity! (we have plenty of parking too! 🙃) *Excludes Bella Mani, ByLilla, Diamond Studs over 1ct, Joseph Bulova Limited Edition Collection, previous purchases & layaways

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*Valid on in-stock, regularly priced jewelry. Exclusions: Bella Mani, Sky-B, byLilla, prior purchases or layaways

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Happy Thanksgiving!

May your Thanksgiving and all the days ahead be filled with happiness, joy and prosperity. We are so thankful to be your trusted jeweler, today and every day! With love and blessings, Susan and the Bella Team

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December Hours

To better serve you, we will be open 7 days a week from now through December 24th, with the exception of Thanksgiving! December Holiday Hours Dec. 1st - 16th: Sat, Sun, Mon. 10am - 4pm Tues, Weds, Fri. 10am - 6pm Thurs. 10am - 7pm Dec 17th - 23rd  10am - 7pm Dec 24th  10am - 3pm

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November Birthstone(s): Topaz & Citrine!

What is a Topaz? The variety of topaz hues includes colorless, light blue, yellow, orange, pink, violet, brown and, very rarely, red. The vast majority of blue topaz seen today is the permanent result of treating colorless topaz with irradiation and heating. Some believe the word “topaz” comes from the Sanskrit word tapas, which means “fire.” Others trace it back to the Greek topazos. This November birthstone was long thought to have many benefits. The ancient Greeks believed that topaz gave them strength. From the 1300s to the 1600s, Europeans thought it could thwart magic spells and dispel anger. For centuries, many people in India have believed that topaz worn above the heart assures long life, beauty and intelligence. Physical & Spiritual Healing Properties of Topaz Topaz is a crystal that will reflect the energy of your mind. It will bring you intense clarity on your intentions, and it will strengthen your focus so that you can manifest your desires to reality.It will stimulate your self-confidence and your ability to learn new things. It will help you understand complex ideas and concepts. Topaz will inspire creativity and increase your attention span. It will help you achieve perfection and your desired results when it comes to your projects and endeavors.Topaz is a highly effective crystal in meditation, affirmation, visualization, and projection. Stability of Topaz Hardness ​​​​​​​Topaz is an 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, but it has poor toughness, so care is required to avoid chipping or cracking. Cleaning To clean this November birthstone, do not use steam cleaning or ultrasonic cleaners. Warm, soapy water works best. Stability High heat or sudden temperature changes can cause internal breaks in topaz. The birthstone’s color is generally [...]

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October Birthstone(s): Opal & Tourmaline!

OPAL What is an Opal? Opal is the product of seasonal rains that drenched dry ground in regions such as Australia’s semi-desert “outback.” The showers soaked deep into ancient underground rock, carrying dissolved silica (a compound of silicon and oxygen) downward. During dry periods, much of the water evaporated, leaving solid deposits of silica in the cracks and between the layers of underground sedimentary rock. The silica deposits formed opal. How Opal Forms Opal is known for its unique display of flashing rainbow colors called play-of-color. There are two broad classes of opal: precious and common. Precious opal displays play-of-color, common opal does not. Play-of-color occurs in precious opal because it’s made up of sub-microscopic spheres stacked in a grid-like pattern—like layers of Ping-Pong balls in a box. As the lightwaves travel between the spheres, the waves diffract, or bend. As they bend, they break up into the colors of the rainbow, called spectral colors. Play-of-color is the result. Although experts divide gem opals into many different categories, five of the main types are: White or light opal: Translucent to semi translucent, with play-of-color against a white or light gray background color, called bodycolor. Black opal: Translucent to opaque, with play-of-color against a black or other dark background. Fire opal: Transparent to translucent, with brown, yellow, orange, or red body color. This material—which often doesn’t show play-of-color—is also known as “Mexican opal.” Boulder opal: Translucent to opaque, with play-of-color against a light to dark background. Fragments of the surrounding rock, called matrix, become part of the finished gem. Crystal or water opal: Transparent to semi transparent, with a clear background. This type shows exceptional play-of-color. Opal's Physical and Spiritual Healing Properties Writers have compared opals [...]

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